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Nedo mEasure-fix Vehicle Safety Tool
Nedo Vehicle Safety Tool is a new and innovative measuring device to quickly decide whether
a vehicle meets all width and height restrictions of your car wash.
Be sure that all vehicles in question go safely through your car wash.

Does this car meet the width and height
restrictions of your car wash?

Use the new Nedo Vehicle Safety Tool with every
vehicle where you question whether it can go safely
through your car wash due to its height or width.
Measure the height at the highest
point of the vehicle.

The cushion of the horizontal arm
helps to prevent scratches.
Measure the width. The rubber
wheel allows to easily position
the Vehicle Safety Tool.
Measure from the inside of the
driver’s side tire to the outside at
the passenger’s side.
Be sure the vehicle meets the
width restrictions and does not
exceed the conveyor.
Read off the measured
dimensions from the analog
display and decide quickly whether
the vehicle meets your height and
width restrictions.
Scope of delivery

Nedo Vehicle Safety Tool is a robust telescopic
measuring stick with built-in analog display
to easily read-off the measured dimensions.
The package includes 2 arms: 1 arm with
rubber wheel for easy handling and 1 arm
with cushion.

Maximum measuring range 118”.
Ref.-No. F380XXX-185
Increase the safety level at your car wash and order today.

Mike’s Car Wash, Loveland, OH 45140
Crew Carwash Inc., Indianapolis, IN 46256