Accessories for Tripods


Nedo Quick-Fix

Quick-Fix is an innovative rapid locking system for attaching a level or laser to a tripod. The instrument can be fixed to the tripod without the need for a 5/8’’ clamping screw. No damage from falling, no wasted time.
Quick-Fix fits any tripod with a 5/8’’ mounting thread.

Ref.-No. 572111


With Quick-Fix the instrument can be securely fixed to the tripod and quickly taken off. You just move a lever.

Expensive damage from falling is prevented.

Place the instrument on the adapter plate, move the lever, done.

Batter Board Holder for Rotating Lasers and Theodolites

Sturdy aluminium batter board holder with four clamping screws. Suitable for use with rotating lasers and theodolites. 

Ref.-No. 461051


Nedo Laser Grade Adaptor

Upgrade your horizontal laser into a slope laser. With the tilt adaptor, inclines of up to 90° can be set manually. Quick adjustment with 6 stages and additional fine adjustment. Scale with % and ° units. Ideal for creating slopes or refurbishing roofs. Incl. circular level,
built-in sighting device, 5/8’’ connecting thread and Quick-Fix system.


  • Accuracy: ± 1°
  • Coarse and fine adjustment for quick height settings
  • 5/8’’ thread for all rotating lasers
  • Scale with degree and percent graduations
  • Made of high-quality cast aluminium

Ref.No. 461047

Elevating Head

To be mounted to any tripod with flat head. The tripod can then be used as an elevating tripod.


  • Connecting thread: 5/8”
  • Adjustable range: 105 mm

Ref.-No. 570112

Tripod Bag

Length: 1300 mm
Ø: 220 mm

Ref.-No. 655112-613

Nedo Combi Tripod shoes

For work on uneven outdoor terrain activate the steel points by screwing in the rubber balls. Hide the steel points with the rubber balls when working on smooth or sensitive floors. Thread: M10

Ref.-No. 660121

Suitable for tripods:
200 100-185, 200 200-185, 210 443-185, 200 511, 200 513-185, 200 514-185, 200 533-185, 200 534-185, 210 530-185 and 210 540-185

Tripod Castors Set

Accessory for heavy-duty elevating tripods with leg struts. Simply remove the tripod points and replace them with the tripod castors. Each castor is equipped with a brake. The set consists of three tripod castors.
Thread: M10

Ref.-No. 660110

Suitable for tripods:
210 683-185 and 210 443-185

Tripod Star

The Nedo tripod star (Ø 1 m) is especially useful for securing tripods in indoor work on smooth floors.
Circle Ø approx. 1 m

Ref.-No. 665111

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