Standard or Elevating Tripod?


Nedo standard tripods without a crank mechanism are ideal for levelling tasks with builders’ levels or horizontal lasers. Nedo elevating tripods are recommended for applications that require an exact adjustment of the construction laser to a certain working height, e.g. in ceiling construction and other installation work. The desired working height, even of heavy-duty rotating lasers, can be adjusted quickly with Nedo elevating tripods.

Aluminium, Wood or Carbon?


Modern construction tripods are made of aluminium. Nedo aluminium tripods are lightweight, extremely robust and rigid. They are suitable for the use of builders’ levels, rotating lasers and builders’ theodolites. Surveyors however, prefer wooden tripods for high-precision instruments as they feature a better damping behaviour and are less affected by temperature changes than aluminium tripods.
The wooden parts of all Nedo wooden tripods are coated with a high-tech plastic material to protect them against moisture. This ensures that Nedo wooden tripods are extremely weatherproof and robust.
In addition to rigidity, the weight of a tripod plays an important role in the use of mobile 3D laser scanners. Carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) is a modern composite material that combines high rigidity and low weight. That is why users
of 3D laser scanners rely on Nedo Carbon Line tripods in mobile applications.



Many light and medium-weight Nedo aluminium tripods and elevating tripods are equipped with the new Strapless-Go leg locking system without a strap. The tripod legs snap together automatically when they are pushed in. It’s quick and convenient. No more troublesome strapping to hold legs in place for transport. 
To release the lock, simply pull out the leg with the printed marking. The legs immediately unlock and you can set up the tripod.

Elevating Tripods with Indirect Gear


A reduction gear in between the crank and the toothed rack allows for maximum convenience to set up even heavy rotating lasers at the desired working height. Furthermore the reduction gear unit prevents any unintended descent of the laser
when the locking screw is released.

Combi tripod feet


For work on uneven outdoor terrain activate the steel points by screwing in the rubber balls. Hide the steel points with the rubber balls when working on smooth or sensitive floors.

More details


Nedo tripods set standards in terms of stability, reliability and extremely robust design. Furthermore, all Nedo tripods feature the following details which matter on the job:

  • Aluminium quick release levers: perfect for the use under tough conditions on the construction site
  • Brass hinge pins: robust and reliable
  • Retaining screw with plumb bob hook that folds away to the side: perfect for the use of an optical or a laser plummet

Nedo tripods for use in interior finishing are equipped with a slip guard that prevents the tripod legs from slipping on slippery floors.